Caroline Vandegehuchte

Studied Classic Archaeology and post graduated in the Conservation of Historic Monuments and Sites and Architectural Stonework Conservation.

Since more than 20 years she is working within the field of research, conservation and consultancy of historic buildings.

Focussing on architectural detail, colour schemes, decorative patterns, date and style of the monument she creates period rooms where the authenticity, cosiness and spaciousness are valued into liveable places.

The decoration of historic interiors not only draws from conservation specialisation, but also from many fields of craftsmanship such as cabinet making, upholstering, painting, gilding. Besides, we are always looking for that one unique piece to complete the project.

Christophe Van Houtvin

Studied classic furniture and graduated in ornamentation and wood sculpture in the institute 'Don Bosco' in the city of Liège.

Since launching Atelier Vanduca in 2000, he designs and builds freestanding and fitted furniture in massive wood.
In his atelier, he carefully crafts each piece by hand, overseeing the production from start to finish.

The raw materials are sourced as pure as possible and selected by quality only. He has no preference for a specific style. He has already produced various pieces of furniture in richly sculpted Liège, Art-Nouveau, Empire, Renaissance... style. The workshop is also equipped for the processing of veneered sheet material, if a completely solid wood furniture proves technically impossible.
He likes to think along about functionality, design, type of wood and finish, in order to arrive at a unique and personal furniture project.